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What are the signs of a broken boiler?

The weather is bitterly cold right now, and with many of us still working from home, the prospect of a malfunctioning boiler is not one we want to contemplate. However, this is a regular issue at this time of year. 

With January having the coldest average temperature of the year, Britons do everything they can to stay warm, including making excellent use of their boilers. It is also the month with the highest number of boiler breakdowns. When you eventually get a heating engineer to come out, repairs can cost between £100 and £500. 

Before the 'busy season' begins, we've compiled a list of helpful hints to ensure that consumers are prepared and avoid waking up to a damaged boiler.

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Top tips to avoid a broken boiler this winter

 The boiler pressure keeps falling (or rising) 

If you notice that the pressure in your boiler lowers frequently (or that you have to 'fill it up' frequently), or if the pressure is frequently too high, your boiler may be having trouble. You should have it looked out before it completely stops.

 There is no heat or hot water

This type of boiler issue is difficult to overlook. If your boiler isn't operating at all, it doesn't necessarily imply there's a major issue; in some circumstances, a simple phone call can remedy the problem.

 Your boiler's flame is not blue

Examine the pilot light or gas flame through the window if you have a gas boiler (if there is one). Blue flames should be visible. If they become yellow or orange, you should get your boiler repaired by a Gas Safe licenced professional.

 Your boiler is consuming more gas than it should

If your boiler is using more gas than usual but you haven't turned up the heat or used more hot water than usual. This could indicate that you are experiencing boiler troubles.

 You can hear strange boiler noises 

If your boiler is making unusual noises — clunking, knocking, slamming, ticking, and so on – this could suggest a problem. Keep yourself safe by having it checked by an expert.

These five signs do not necessarily indicate that your boiler has to be replaced. Prevention is preferable to treatment. And this is especially true for boilers, where a little maintenance along the way can save you a lot of money on boiler repair fees later on. An annual boiler service costs between £60 and £120. Which is a lot easier to swallow than the probable £500 expense of repairing a boiler. Have you noticed any of these signs? 

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